Freckle Face Farm

Freckle Face Farm

Howdy ya'll Welcome to the Freckle Face Farm!!

   The Freckle Face is a small 5 acre farm located in sunny Florida. Here at the Freckle Face Farm we raise and show exhibition quality poultry and strive to the ABA & APA Standard of Perfection.

   Specialize in Bearded White, Partridge, Blue, Black & Splash Silkies Bantams. 

                           We have been breeding and showing since 2008 

  Since we moved to the farm we have added a few new additions. Goats which we have fallen in love with.

   At the Freckle Face we make goats milk soap and cheeses from our dairy herd. We have found it a delight to have fresh milk from the does. It has been wonderful making the soaps they smell so yummy. And who doesn't love moisturizing home made goats milk soaps <3  

                                 We Welcome you to look around and enjoy or site!!